In the beginning…

So it begins…  A couple of months ago I handed in my notice at work and realised that I needed a break. On handing in said notice, I was tempted in to staying with the company for a little while longer, covering for a colleague who has gone on leave for three months.  This time in limbo has allowed me to get some perspective and I still really need the break!


Weighing up my employment options at home in the North East of England after finishing my Law degree at Sheffield University in 2007, I decided to move to London, and walk those golden paved streets!  It’s now 5 years later and I’m still here.  In that time I’ve had two redundancies, a resignation, lived in 8 flats and have finally settled down with my partner in crime that is Gavin, who I am set to marry in 2013.

Now I have a sense of stability in my life, having worked so hard to be where I am, I think it is time for some adventure!  I have never had a gap year, never worked abroad, and as I have lived the last 26 years of my life as a straight laced ‘gal’ I desperately want to throw caution to the wind and hit the road!

After cycling the LEJOG in 2011 with Gavin, my Dad and Brother, (not forgetting Mum, Gavin’s parent’s and sister AND my brother’s wife in tow supporting us) I have the long distance cycling bug!  Never one to opt for a small adventure, with my impending job ‘situation’ I thought I would seize the opportunity and this is where I am at… organising to cycle the coast of Great Britain with my Dad….

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