HoLocks reunited – well sort of!

Dad and I have been plodding away looking at the logistical side of the ride; which touring bikes to buy,  clockwise or anti-clockwise around the coast, where / when do we start, how many miles per day, etc etc.  We were nearly decided on a bike (Ridgeback Ultra Galaxy), decided to go anti-clockwise, picked to start in the North-East of England in August and then someone came up with a genius idea that stopped us in our tracks!!

Harry (Gavin’s dad) was round having dinner with us on Saturday when he made a brilliant proposal, ‘Why don’t Cathy (my Mum) and I come with you… as support… in a Motor Home!!!!!’  Harry joined us in the support van last year on the Lands End to John O’Groats cycle ride, it was such a memorable fortnight and I think it has left a mark on all of the family that was involved.

The minute the idea was shared, that was it – we were Skyping my Mum and Dad, looking at Motor Home prices, concocting all sorts of ideas – let’s just say thank goodness Mum said yes.

So there we have it, the HoLocks are reunited!! Those who followed us on the LEJOG, will know that the team name comes from the surnames of our two families, ‘Ho Fat’ and ‘Medlock’


I’m absolutely honoured and thrilled that Harry offered, never in my dreams did I think we would be able to have support for the whole coast!  We’ve also realised as we will be shadowed for the whole route, we don’t need to worry about buying touring bikes, pannier bags, lightweight gear or a tent as the Motor Home has answered all of our prayers!  On top of that, as we did the LEJOG last year, we have more than enough spares for the bikes we are set to ride, so all of the money we have saved can go into the hiring of the Motor Home.  Just as a rough calculation to buy, two new bikes, tent, pannier bags, and bike spares that would have probably set us back around £4,500 – let’s just hope that can make a dent in the hiring prices!

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