One becomes two!

When first musing about cycling the coast of Great Britain I imagined it would just be me, my bike and a tent.  After discussing the idea with Gavin he understandably thought it would be too dangerous for me to cycle alone for three months.  I did try to negotiate, but at the end of the day he was right. I have to admit I was glad of his input, camping alone in the Scottish Highlands did not really appeal to me!

A couple of weeks later my parents came to visit us, and Dad and I were sat on the settee chatting with a cup of tea.  For some strange reason before they had come down, I had dug out the book One Man and His Bike documenting Mike Carter’s cycling trip around the coast.  I grabbed it, flashed it in front of my Dad’s eyes and asked whether he would contemplate cycling with me around the coast – without a second thought my Dad said YES!!!

Needless to say I was rather shocked, I didn’t think my Dad would say yes – he desperately wants me to get a job sorted for when my current position ends in July!

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