The wheels on the bus!

As per usual in the HoLock families, the idea of the Motor Home has been seized and organisation has already begun.

When we first looked into it when Harry suggested the idea, we had a quick scout around on the internet and found an off-the-peg quote of £7,500.  Although this sounds like a lot, if you factor in that we are now saving around £4,500 on bikes and gear alone it doesn’t sound all that daunting.  On top of that, as we don’t have to book B&B’s and essentially have a mobile restaurant we will be saving over £3,000 on food and accommodation as well.

As we have made the decision to set-off from t’up North, my Mum thought it would be best if she had a look at what was on offer around North Yorkshire.  With that in mind, my Mum starting firing off emails left right and center!

As there will be four adults in the party and a well trained golden retriever (Jasper), we think it is best we get a 6 berth Motorhome, so we can sleep another two adults when we get visitors!

We had an almost instantaneous response from Seekers Motorhome Hire – with a very reasonable offer of £5,500 for 10 weeks, which would include the insurance for 1 driver, bedding and a bike rack.  Mum and Dad are set to visit Seekers on Friday 18th May, so hopefully we will be able to book as soon as possible.

Seekers Motorhome Hire

Seekers also offered the use of a generator for £50 extra for the ten weeks, however she mentioned because we will be driving everyday – apparently the engine charges the facilities (toilet, showers, cooking appliances) whilst driving so we won’t need it.  There’s another £50 saved!!!

I’ll update how it goes with the Motorhome once my parents have seen it!

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