Turbo trainer training!

Since the LEJOG, cycling in my household has become rather minimal.  Work has taken over and with a wedding to plan the opportunity to get on our bikes is minimal.

Working in SE London but living in the West of the City means commuting by bicycle is a bit of a death sport.  Numerous times I have had drivers try to mow me down whilst casually chatting, texting, browsing the internet on their phone. Gavin has put his foot down so I no longer even cycle to work!  With all this in mind, we have opted for the safest option and that is to use our turbo trainer and rollers to train!!

I now drive to and from work and it takes just under an hour and a half each way (that’s ONE AND A HALF HOURS for 12 miles, yes that’s right – 12 MILES!!!).  Leaving the office at about 6:00pm every night means I don’t get into the house until 7:30pm, then there’s the usual cooking, cleaning, clearing up after cats to contend with. By the time all of that is done, it’s usually about 9:00pm so Gavin and I try to keep the turbo trainer set up.

As bad as it is, I’m just trying to get in to the routine of even doing 20 minutes an evening, which I guess is better than nothing and gets my heart rate up!  This weekend, as I am cycling London to Paris with two ladies from work in June, we are off to Richmond Park for some training.  Then on Sunday, Gavin and a friend off his implant course are going round the park aswell so hopefully I can join them too!  Hopefully get about 100 miles in the legs – again, better than nothing!

Anywho, I thought I would include a wee picture of my bike set up on the old turbo trainer;


Here’s a proper overview of the two indoor options Gavin and Kirsty have for training;

The first is the usual turbo trainer, good for if you just want to get miles in your legs and you don’t have enough time to get to the gym.  It’s a very unrealistic ride, in the sense that it is static and you’re locked in to the trainer, but it’s ideal for resistance training.  We opted for a model that had remote resistance ‘gear’ changing so you can adjust it whilst you’re in the saddle.





The second and most deadly form of indoor training are the parabolic rollers, BUYER BEWARE, only buy this if you are serious about training in the winter, these beauties take a while to get used to but you can have fun whilst doing so (or at least whilst watching someone do so!).  We are now accustomed to these, but still ride on them in the comfort of a door frame, no serious accidents so far… but we will see!



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