Motorhome = BOOKED!

My parents went to visit Seekers Motorhome Hire in North Yorkshire last Friday (18th May) to see what was available.  They were shown round by a lovely lady called Gill, who helped them decide on which motorhome would be best for our trip.  Gill has a great deal of experience letting out vans for cycle touring so my parents were in safe hands and quickly made a decision on which motorhome to rent.

Since then, my Dad has provided me with photographs and we have gone ahead and made the booking.  With making the booking, we have also decided on a start date, which will be MONDAY 13th AUGUST, provisionally returning on MONDAY 29th OCTOBER.  Many factors had to be taken into account when picking the start date, the most important being the Olympics tickets the family have.  We were going to start off on Monday 6th August, however Gavin and I had two sets of tickets (free style wrestling and taekwondo) that I would have missed so we moved the start date back by a week.

Now we have a motorhome backing us the whole way, we have decided that the ride will not take us as long, as we won’t be carrying panniers or any extra weight.  With that in mind, we are aiming to cycle around 70 miles a day, meaning it will be 10 weeks on the road, or maybe even a little bit less.

Anyway – back to the motorhome, here are some photographs of Alistair, our Motorhome companion for 10 weeks;




ALISTAIR IN ALL HIS GLORY (Mum and Gill to the side)









SIDE VIEW OF ALISTAIR (Garage at back, ‘front door’ in the middle)







LAST BUT NOT LEAST – THE ALL IMPORTANT TOILET! (note the swiveling toilet, to give us more space when we shower!)







I’ve just spoken with Gill to pay my £350 deposit for the motorhome, I will update this post to let you know how much the total cost will be.  The final payment will be due a month before we set off, and Gill has kindly said if we need to extend the trip we can do so!


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