We are now working with CCS to raise awareness of adoption and hopefully raise the magic £10,000 to give a family the chance to adopt a child, we have set up a donation page on Virgin Money Giving.

My page details are as follows;

The Challenge

My father and I will be setting off on Monday 13th August 2012 to cycle the entire coast of Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) which is approximately 4,600 miles give or take.

The Reason

What began as a personal challenge has now grown into a fantastic opportunity to raise money for CCS Adoption (Clifton Children’s Society).  This agency were instrumental in helping close family friends adopt and after seeing the joy adoption has brought we would like to help the agency raise enough funds to place another child into another loving family.

The Facts

It costs roughly £35,000 to give a family the opportunity to adopt, £25,000 of this comes from Local Authority funding, which leaves a deficit of £10,000 per family. This is where CCS Adoption comes in, as a registered charitable organisation (no. 286814) they raise their own funds to place children into an adoptive family.

CCS Adoption

Each year, CCS Adoption aim to place as many children with adoptive families as they can, and with your help I would like to help a child/children’s dreams come true.

Not only do CCS Adoption focus on placing just one child in a family, they also try to place sibling groups, meaning for the same £10,000 we are aiming to raise could end up uniting an adoptive family with a group of brothers and sisters!

How to make a difference

As my father and I will be cycling 4,600 miles – we need to raise £2.20 per mile to reach the magic £10,000 to transform an adoptive families life.  Please, please, please dig deep and donate as much as you can – it truly will make a difference.

Thanks for reading this, your support is appreciated.


P.S – if you know anyone who would be interested in donating please do forward this link, every little helps!

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