Guildford (sportive) training

I’ve finally managed to get into a training routine now I’ve finished work, combining both running and cycling. With the cycling it has been tough getting in the miles, the main routes that start out from my house are only around 30 to 40 miles, not enough to replicate the miles I will be cycling everyday on the ride.

As Gavin and I did a number of sportives to train for the LEJOG last year, I wanted to use some of these routes to train. Whilst we rode them we tracked the route on our Garmin.  This means that I have a library of routes that I can follow with a decent mileage, that are in the SE area and are circular routes.

I didn’t want to have to battle the traffic, so I managed to find a route that was just over 60 miles and on my local train line.  From Kew Bridge I went to Clapham Junction and then out to Cobham & Stoke D’arbernon. It took about an hour, door to door.  The weather was already bad before I set off, but I couldn’t let this stop me, more than likely there will be days where the weather will be appauling on the actual ride.

Within the first ten miles the heavens opened and I got absolutely soaked, I was only wearing bib shorts, cycling jersey and waterproof jacket, so my shoes got drenched (thought I wouldn’t need my waterproof overshoes!). Once the shower had gone, it was brilliant weather for the remaining 50 miles, so I just about dried off before I got on the train back.

The route I took is below, if you want to look at some of the other routes I’ve done over the past couple of weeks, have a browse on Endomondo, search for KMedlock! It wasn’t the fastest average I’ve had as it was also an exercise on using Gavin’s Garmin. I managed to get round the whole route without a wrong turning so that was a bonus!


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