Mum’s flapjacks = rocket fuel

Last year when we cycled the LEJOG we put my Mum in charge of the re-fuelling goodies we would carry with us and she did us proud with some AMAZING flapjacks. We find any excuse to get Mum baking her super duper high energy flapjacks, and trust me – you can’t get any better than these.

Her secret recipe is the standard flapjack mix, and she then adds a mixture from the following: pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sultanas, raisins, apricots, walnuts, pecan nuts, hazelnuts, coconut.

Mum kindly wraps them in clingfilm (not too much, can’t have too much overlapping clingfilm) into individual portions, so they can easily be stored in the back pocket of their cycling jerseys without breaking up.

Apparently we have a stock of close to 200 flapjacks for this ride, not sure how many baking hours they took but I do know that we are definitely going to be able to keep pedalling with these tucked in our pockets!

Did I also mention that she made a big old batch of home-made marmalade too!

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