Tuesday 14th August 2012 – Day 2

Today we woke early (6:30am) to the sound of the North Sea crashing against the coast of Druridge Bay. There was a wonderful sunrise that made the cows in the surrounding fields glow orange!

We all stumbled out of bed, I don’t think any one of us had more than 4 hours sleep last night, but none of us felt that bad. The breakfast was sorted quickly, eating outside in the blazing sun at 7:30am is something to be savoured.

Dad and I got going at about 9:00am and straight away we had to make a slight detour to head to Alnwick, about 16 miles away but only 3 miles off course.  This was so we could visit the minor-injuries clinic to sort out some niggly injuries. After Alnwick, we headed east hitting the coast at Amble.  The scenery today is alot better than it was yesterday, no derelict factories – just the beautiful Northumberland coast.

Lunch stop was in a layby next to the coast between Seahouse and Bamburgh. More amazing food, courtesy of head chef Harry, soup and cheese buns! We witnessed a coastguard rescue helicopter come in to land, so we went to take a look on the beach.  As Mum and I hit the beach, a girl came running up shouting for ‘Fraser’, I asked whether she had lost her dog, she ignored me and kept running until she bumped in to my Mum.  It turned out that her little sister had got swept away in a dinghy then her brother swam out to help her and he got swept out too. The beach was crawling with police and coastguards – hopefully everyone was rescued.

After lunch we headed up to Holy Island, when we got there we had to check the causeway opening hours to make sure we wouldn’t get stuck out there.  It was amazing – Dad and I went right to the castle, took some photo’s and came back.

Once back on the mainland we joined the NCN Route 1, this took us off road somewhat and because of that Dad ended up with a puncture 5 miles from the end of the day!  It was a thorn stuck straight through his tyre – at this point the heavens decided to open and we shot for cover under some poor tree! It was sorted in no time and then we found the motorhome just shy of Berwick-upon-tweed, in Scremerston. They were parked up, cooking our dinner (lamb burgers, new potatoes and salad!).

We were just settling in for the night, then some van pulled up and told us we couldn’t park in the layby, so we’re now set up in a layby just off the A1 with another massive lorry! Fingers crossed the bikes won’t be stolen off the back of the van!

3 thoughts on “Tuesday 14th August 2012 – Day 2

  1. Looks like you are on the start of a great adventure. You do realise you will be able to write a book at the end of this great adventure. Think you will have some amazing stories to tell. Happy pedalling. Looking forward to your post. Have a good day.

  2. Feel very envious! My husband and I are on a 4 year project to cycle around the British Coast using our holidays and weekends. I shall follow your journey with interest. We have done about 40% so far, but are not doing it in order. We started on London Bridge going clockwise, and have so far done London to Southampton, then Penzance to Aberystwyth, and then Oban to Inverness, which was unbelievably beautiful. Have a great time!!!

  3. Hi Kirsty, Steve, Uncle Harry and Cathy – hope the minor injury is all sorted and not going to niggle any further. We’re all so excited about your ride and G has been chatting about it a lot during dinner! He is still adament that he is ready for his ‘special’ cycling shoes ’cause he can use his brakes now! You continue to be his inspiration! You paint the scenery so well with your words – I’m having my daily dose of the coastline through you.

    Take care and sending you lots of love and hugs always,

    M and the 2 GT’s

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