Friday 17th August 2012 – Day 5

Carnoustie (via Arbroath and Montrose) to Stonehaven

50.09 miles

11.02 mph average

1987 calories burnt

3538 ft climbing


We woke to pouring rain, as expected – so we had a lie in until 9:30am. Once up, Dad (being the weather expert) said we would make a decision at midday as to when we would set off. Because we had banked a fair few miles over the days we were not too worried about starting off a couple of hours later.

Whilst we waited for the rain to subside, Harry cooked up a storm in the kitchen, making for brunch; bacon, scrambled eggs, toast and beans, can’t beat a bit of an English fry-up on a morning! Also, because we were staying on a luxurious, friendly campsite we took use of the facilities clearing out the Motorhome, and topping everything up – it was a strange evening having free-flowing electricity with proper toilets and showers.

After we were all washed up and the bikes were unlocked from the motorhome (it’s like Fort Knox with our bikes, one Kryptonite cord, 1 Abus lock that is a d-lock AND chain (nick-named the ‘anchor’) and a very heavy duty motorcycle lock) we were ready to set off.

Dad and I took the decision to wear our wet weather gear, so on went the coast and waterproof overshoes, just in case it pished it down like it did a couple of days ago. As we set off it was clear, just the roads were wet with lots of spray.

Once we had committed to leaving the site, we set off through Carnoustie and headed out on a minor road, hitting the A92 a couple of miles down the road. Although it was still a bit misty we got some excellent views of the North Sea on miles 6-8 as we neared Arbroath, again we shadowed the railway lines.

After passing Arbroath, nearing St. Vigeans we turned off the A92, following the route I had plotted on the Garmin.  Unfortunately it lead us to a very muddy off-road section that neither mine or Dad’s bike would have been able to handle, so we had to back track for a couple of miles and get back on to the A92.

Once back on the A92, which was still wet and pretty busy with traffic, we cycled through Inverkeilor and over the bridge into Montrose where Dad and I stopped to find a toilet and eat some food.  At this point, one of my twitter followers spotted the tweet I had written announcing that I had just stopped in Montrose.  Can you believe he had spotted Dad and I on the high street, such a small world!

We continued on the A92 all the way to Inverbervie which was meant to be our stop for Day 5, but because we hadn’t done a ‘full’ 70 mile day of cycling due to the banked miles, we pushed on to Stonehaven. Mum and Harry had found a council run campsite for the Motorhome at £10.00/night for no connection which was better than nothing!

Once Dad and I were showered any changed, we headed on into Stonehaven to go and have a pint at the pub, little did I know what surprise was round the corner for me. I got a call from my Gavin and when I picked up the phone I spotted him and his Mum at the harbour in front of the pub we were meant to be having a pint in.  Needless to say I had a bit of a girly scream and ran to greet them.

Such a wonderful evening having Gavin and his Mum with me, especially as a surprise for my birthday weekend. Another surprise was in store, Pat and Harry had booked Gavin and I into a B&B over the harbour of Stonehaven, such a welcome change from the motorhome!

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