Saturday 18th August 2012 – Day 6

Stonehaven – Peterhead

65.57 miles

2603 calories burnt

3366 ft climbing

After waking up in a luxurious bed, Gav and I had a full cooked breakfast at the B&B and went to go and meet the parents. We set off around 10am as we didn’t have that far to go.

Once we’d left Stonehaven, we shadowed the B979 for a while and followed cycle route 1. Unfortunately, after mile 6 we took a 5 mile detour because we trusted the Garmin route I had plotted and it took us again to an off route section that we couldn’t cycle on! We ended up dipping down into Newtonhill on the beach and then cycling all the way back up – whoopsie!

We also managed to avoid the A90, but in doing this we took a longer, about 10 extra miles! After going through Cove Bay we cycled on to Aberdeen. My brother and his wife live in Aberdeen so Dad and I have been there a fair few times and we know our way around! We cycled along the esplanade in the sun and took a pit stop to admire the view.

The clan found a lunch stop at Belhelvie around the 40 mile mark, in a church garden so we stopped and gorged on chicken sandwiches! After lunch, we headed out and crossed the A90 to get closer to the sea.

When we hit Newburgh we stumbled over a river where Dad spotted seals! We stopped to take photos but my excited squealing seemed to scare them off (I don’t know why!)!

It wasn’t long before we were seeing signs for Peterhead where everyone was parking up for the night. On arrival, the clan had got me birthday balloons, cake and banners everywhere and we ate salmon, tatties and roasted veg c/o Pat the stand-in chef for an early birthday dinner!

Awesome evening watching the sun set on Peterhead’s harbour, all though we did have a slight problem in fitting new bar tape to my left handlebar. It had started to unravel slightly so Gavin had bought me some new snazzy bar tape to fix it. We struggled to get the bar plug on but we eventually struggled with it and got it in!

As we were all in the motorhome for the night, it was rather a tough night. Mum and Dad took the bed above the cab, Pat and Harry took the bunks and Gavin and I had the pleasure of taking the dining room table (that turns into a bed). Long story short, we didn’t realise that the bed extended width ways (as the pieces were hidden) so we tried to sleep on a bed that was no bigger than a big single! Needless to say, it was so uncomfortable that I went to sleep in the passenger seat, then Gav woke up and swapped with me (such a gentleman!).

One thought on “Saturday 18th August 2012 – Day 6

  1. Sounds like a lovely birthday dinner in Peterhead.
    Happy Birthday Kirsty.

    It’s quite a amaing that you are having your birthday in Peterhead and have cycled through Aberdeen today.

    It’s also a very special place for us 😉


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