Sunday 19th August 2012 – Day 7

Peterhead – Inbetween Buckie and Portgordon

63.54 miles

2527 calories burnt

4433 ft climbing

We were all rather squished in the Motorhome last night, so much so that Gavin tried to sleep in the passenger seat in the cabin, needless to say that didn’t work out so well.  I had a lovely birthday breakfast with the whole clan before setting off bright and early so we could make the most of lunch before Pat and Gavin had to fly back.

The sun obviously knew it was my birthday as it was shining right from the early hours of the morning. Dad and I set off around 8:30 and we hammered it down the A90 for the first 20 miles in to Fraserburgh.  We were very lucky with the traffic for a Sunday as there was nothing about for miles. Once in Fraserburgh, as we had already done 20 miles we found a bench and had a banana and quick pit stop.

Fraserburgh was the point where we’ve stopped heading north for a while and instead head west ready for the last stretch north before John O’Groats, check it out on a map and that will make sense!

Once we started heading west, the coastline was absolutely stunning, rolling hills, farmland as far as the eye could see, and the North Sea looked amazing in the sun! We hit quite a few short sharp hills, including a 17%, but as we knew we were nearing lunch they didn’t feel all that bad.

Our lunch was just outside Maduff, the Motorhome and now support car managed to find a farm with lovely owners who let us park on their property.  We later found out they let 2 guys sleep in their house a couple of years back who were also doing the round the coast cycle! Also, just before we pulled in we were met by another cyclist who we had a long chat with – it’s always so nice to meet people along the way, they lift your spirits when you’re feeling a bit tired of the hills!

After lunch it was time to say goodbye to Pat and Gavin, we won’t be seeing them again until we’re back in to England now!  Dad and I pushed along again, stopping only in Portsoy so I could treat us to a birthday icecream.

Harry and Mum found a wonderful parking spot for the Motorhome, just in front of the North Sea in between Buckie and Portgordon. Pat had cooked up a wonderful curry over lunch so we had that with rice and a bottle of Sancerre for my birthday dinner!

Before we went to bed, I made Mum walk down the coast to get a closer look at the seals that had come ashore – needless to say it was definitely a birthday I won’t forget in a hurry!

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