Wednesday 22nd August 2012 – Day 10

Berriedale – Thurso

75.16 miles

3325 feet climbed

2943 calories burnt.

Quick post this evening as we’re all quite tired.

We woke to heavy rain but as we ate breakfast it subsided. Whilst munching on breakfast we made the decision to push for John o’Groats and have the lunch stop there, which was 46 miles away. Dad and I suited and booted in our wet weather gear and headed back onto the A9. Although the road was wet it wasn’t too busy so we made good progress without fearing for our lives.

Heading down the A9 the weather really started to clear but it was still quite nippy with the wind. We saw the motorhome pass us at the junction between the A9 and the A99. It’s sad – but when you cycle day in, day out – you set yourself little goals, like making sure you do ‘x’ amount of miles before the motorhome passes you!

Coming off the A9, we hunkered down again and pushed on to Wick, where we stopped for a pitstop and banana. When we cycled on some more, we hit the coast properly again and looked back to see where we had cycled along on the other coast which is always a nice feeling.  We could see back to the coast with Macduff and Lossiemouth on, and also out to the oil rigs in the North Sea.

The road was pretty quiet up to JOG and when we got there we had fried egg sandwiches courtesy of Harry. After lunch we pitched up to the sign to get our photograph taken with the infamous JOG sign, it’s still as touristy as I remember and costs even more now!

Afterwards, we began to cycle West to Dunnet Head (the most northerly point on the British mainland) which compared to JOG was absolutely amazing. Not many tourists at all and you didn’t have to pay any money to get your photograph taken, in fact a lovely lady called Kirsty took our picture – small world!

Once Dunnet Head was done we cycled west again, getting wind from the motorhome that they were parked up in a caravan site in Thurso. On arrival Harry had surpassed himself and cooked up a real treat, boiled chicken, with ginger, soy and spring onion sauce with brown rice.

We all watched the sunset over Thurso Bay, with Dunnet Head in the background, the lighthouses shining and the islands over the sea (Old man of Hoy poking out too!).

3 thoughts on “Wednesday 22nd August 2012 – Day 10

  1. Reached the top – well done guys! It’s all down hill from there.
    At least, until you get to the bottom obviously 🙂

  2. Well done team. We honoured your achievement of getting to JOG so quickly by making a map for the foyer at CCS. A small picture of two anonymous cyclists shows where you are on any given day – and pays tribute to the support team by depicting a motorhome with a huge picture of fried eggs and baked beans on the side. Love from us all at CCS x.

  3. Great job on reaching the top 🙂
    We hope to meet up with you on your way down.

    mmmmmm……….boiled chicken with the lovely sauces. one of our favourites!

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