Saturday 25th August 2012 – Day 13

Unapool – Ardmair (just outside of Ullapool)

  • 53.5 miles
  • 5229 feet climbed
  • 2709 calories burnt

As today is Day 13, it marks the longest period of time that I have been in the saddle on continuous days. The legs have definitely settled into a routine and there is no saddle sore to speak of (YET!). It can be said I can ‘feel’ my legs – but other than that it feels that every day I am waking up fresh.  The tan lines are coming up, even on my hands from my fingerless mitts it looks like I’ve dipped my fingers in chocolate!

We roughed it last night, sleeping in a lay by, the midgies were out in force so we couldn’t go out of the Motorhome all evening! Over breakfast, as Dad’s legs were not playing ball we decided to part ways for the first time of the trip. We had consulted the map and realised the route I had plotted took in about seven 20% hills over 23 miles and Dad wasn’t sure his legs could cope. Dad carried on the A894, turning right on to the A837 to take him to Lochinver where we had decided to have lunch.

My route was absolutely insane! Setting off from the Motorhome I had a beautiful swoop down the side of Loch a’ Chairn Bhain, crossing the stunning Kylesku Bridge. About three miles down the road, I took a right turning onto the B869 and this is where the fun began.  Through out the whole ride it felt like I was an extra on ‘Lost’, no one around for miles, I resorted to talking to some sheep and highland cows at one point.  Over the 23 miles, there was a 25% hill climb and definitely another four 20%’s, I’m not sure it was the seven the map made it out to be. Although the weather wasn’t great and it did rain at points, it didn’t ruin it as it started to lift and blue skies came through again.

At Lochinver, Harry had made egg sandwiches. Mum had been shopping, she greeted me with a belated birthday present of two mugs from a highland pottery – one with a squirrel on (long story) and the other a bike! They had also bought midgie net hats, to help us in the evenings!

The rest of the day, Dad and I rode together and there were some even longer climbs than I had cycled in the morning. For the evening we stopped in Ardmair, just outside of Ullapool on a campsite! Some luxurious showers were waiting for us!

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