Friday 31st August 2012 – Day 19

Broadford (Isle of Skye) – Lochailort (back on the mainland)

33.84 miles

1463 feet climbed

1516 calories burnt

We had stayed in a lay by last night, which generally means we wake up early, as the weather was forecast to get pretty bad today we wanted to get away as early as we could. The motorhome was not following us again as we had a ferry to catch so they would go back over the Skye bridge and we would take the ferry from Armadale to Mallaig back on the mainland.

Dad and I set off in all of our wet weather gear and it started drizzling from the get go. It was also incredibly windy but as we had an 11:10am ferry to catch we had to plough on through. The only saving grace was that the A851 road we took was remarkably quiet so we could just concentrate on getting the riding done as opposed to being run over. As we approached the ferry terminal we could see it coming back across, we had about 20 minutes to spare.

At the ferry terminal I was approached by a man wondering what the two of us were doing out in such bad weather, I explained and he said we were mad. He also came and chatted to us on the ferry whilst we were dripping water all over the furnishings. Once the crossing was over, we landed in Mallaig and set off on the A830, but now the rain was absolutely hammering down. We didn’t have that far to go until Lochailort, where we were stopping for the evening but it was a difficult ride because of the wind and rain.

We were stopping in Lochailort, because it was at the junction with the A861, the road we would need to take tomorrow and where Gareth (my brother) and Joana (his wife) would be joining us, all the way from Aberdeen!

Dad and I survived the journey

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