Wednesday 5th September 2012 – Day 24

Ayr – Mutehill (just outside Kirkcudbright)

79.43 miles

3284 feet climbed

3608 calories burnt

We woke this morning in the Abbotsford Inn in Ayr. Mum and I didn’t have the best nights sleep as we had the world’s worst sloping floor so our midnight mattress moving had taken its toll. The four of us were treated to a cooked breakfast with all the trimmings, I for one definitely needed the fuel – even after the three-course meal we had last night.

As we were in a town as opposed to being in the countryside we set off later than we have done, around 9:30am to miss the rush hour. We set off along the A719 shadowing the coast, it felt strange being on a main road.  I miss the countryside already, specially as today we could see over to the Isle of Arran and the peninsula with Campbeltown on, where we had cycled just two days earlier. I wonder if we will have any more scenery remotely like what we have been treated to in the North-West of Scotland.

When we neared Croy, still on the A719, we spotted a huge island off the coast to the south. We worked out that is was Ailsa Craig, an uninhabited island that I found out used to be quarried for its blue hone granite to make curling stones and is now just a big old bird sanctuary.

The scenery over the past couple of days has changed dramatically; it’s more cultivated by farms and built up through the many towns we’re now passing through. Today’s road was actually fairly free of traffic in the morning, but the surfaces were absolutely appalling. You don’t notice it when you’re driving along in your comfortable car, but when you’re cycling on thin tires with a PSI of over 100, it is absolutely bone shaking.

We had a quick pit stop after about 15 miles in Maidens a lovely little town with incredibly well looked after public toilets! On setting off again we soon hit the A77, an awful (but smooth) road that takes all of the lorries to Stranraer. We had been warned about how dangerous the road was so we headed inland on the A714 leading to Barrhill. It did mean that we had a great deal more climbing to do but it was a lot quieter and safer.

Lunch was served in Barrhill, in the car park of an abandoned petrol station. I think the sun had put us all in good spirits, as we had a fair giggle over lunch – Dad even treated us all to a song!

After eating, we left the ‘arms’ in the motorhome as the sun looked like it was out to stay. We kept on the A744 where we were treated to some beautiful views of the Galloway National Park and an incredibly long swooping downhill and it wasn’t long until we were in Newton Stewart where we had another pit stop and stumbled on the motorhome again.

Unfortunately we then had to get on to the A75. It was pretty busy and again it really made us miss the quieter more tranquil roads in the North West. We had a long afternoon, about 45 miles so we were incredibly happy to see the motorhome just after Kirkcudbright in a beautiful spot by the side of the Solway Firth.

We had an awesome dinner: cauliflower cheese, pork schnitzel, mashed potato and vegetables with a glass of red wine. It’s amazing what Harry can cook up in this motorhome, better than what most could in a normal kitchen! There was a spectacular sunset, so we all got snap happy and took lots of photographs.

Early night tonight and lets hope we have the weather with us on our side tomorrow.

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