Saturday 15th September 2012 – Day 34

Tywyn – Aberystwyth

30.95 miles

1999 feet climbed

1631 calories burnt

2,198.03 miles cumulatively cycled

Today we woke to the realisation that it would only be about 12 hours until we saw Gavin (my other half) and Pat (my future Mother-in-Law). The last time they visited was on the weekend of my birthday, 27 days ago in Stonehaven (Scotland). It has been incredibly tough being away from them, especially when we’ve been in areas with little to no signal. I’m definitely a firm believer in the saying ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’.

As we had roughly 30 miles to cycle today before reaching Aberystwyth and the cottage we would be spending our rest day in, we took it easy getting ready in the morning. The weather was finally in our favour, albeit a tad windy – but we’re getting accustomed to the blustery conditions of Wales!

At 9:30am we set off from our lay-by that was overlooked by a cemetery on one side and a golf course, railway and the sea on the other. We followed the A493 south until we hit the mouth of River Dovey, looking stunning in the morning sun! It was here we had to head east, inland along the shore of river for about five miles to hit a bridge to cross to the south side.

When we got over the River Dovey, we joined the busier A487, the road we would stay on until Aberystwyth. As it was a Saturday, the traffic got busier around 11:00am as people were dashing to reach their lunch destination. It’s funny how in tune you get with the daily routine of traffic and how you can tell whether it is a weekday or a weekend. During the week, we find it’s best to set off just after 9:00am as any time before and you’ll be caught up in the work/school traffic. We then try to have a longish lunch to make sure we miss the panicky lunch hour of people dashing around to grab their food before being locked back in their offices. Then the absolute worst is home time, both for the kids from school and workers. Dad has termed the kiddie’s home time as ‘chuck your kid in a truck’ time, very apt as we’re attacked mostly by women in Chelsea tractors.

It wasn’t long before we reached the beautiful Pengraig Farmhouse, a couple of miles south of Aberystwyth. We were originally meant to check-in at 14:30, but the owner kindly let us arrive at 12:30. As we pulled up, we quickly spotted the hot-tub and we began to luxuriate in the masses of space we had (the Farmhouse could sleep up to 15 people!). I got to grips with working the Wi Fi and charging all of my electrics. Mum and Harry began stripping the motorhome of everything that could possibly be washed and Dad got ready for his sports massage.

Rebecca, the masseuse arrived at 5:30pm and began working her magic on Dad. We both had to have a cold and then hot bath to relax our muscles before we got our massages. After Rebecca had kneaded the knots out of us, we both felt much better.

It was then just time to wait for Gavin and Pat to arrive.  They managed to get here around 9:30pm, struggling to locate exactly where the Farmhouse was; I had to run down the mile long drive with a torch to rescue them. It was great to see them and they’d both brought us all lots of goodies, mainly food related!

We had a very late dinner, and then we couldn’t let the hot tub go to waste so Gavin and I took the leap and jumped in. The sky was clear and as we were in the middle of no-where, when we turned off all of the lights, the night’s sky lit up – it was absolutely beautiful.

After all of the excitement, we all went our separate ways to the various ‘wings’ of the Farmhouse and had an amazing nights sleep in the peace of the Welsh countryside!

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