Thursday 13th September 2012 – Day 32

Bull Bay (Isle of Anglesey) – Pistyll (Lleyn Peninsula)

73.79 miles

3501 feet climbed

2864 calories burnt

(cumulative total = 2,107.92 miles)

Another lovely nights sleep for me; Gavin’s silicone earplugs are working a treat. We were treated to another morning paper stuck under the window wiper, from a guy that Mum had spoken to last night.

Dad and I were going to set off with our dry-weather gear on, but Dad spotted a dark cloud so we kitted up again. We headed back on to the A5025, it was a relatively clear and the rain held off, although the wind was getting up. We passed Wylfa nuclear power station, another one ticked off on our trip round the coast! As we reached Llanfaethlu we could see out to Holyhead, somewhere we had decided not to venture out to, as it was an island beyond an island!

When we reached Valley, we changed directions and started to head south-east back towards the mainland, which is always a nice feeling. We skirted around the A55, avoiding it at all costs, and started to head directly south on the A4080 to hit Aberffraw. The coast looked completely different to any of the other we’d seen so far, a lot more rugged and the sea itself looked vicious. After Aberffraw, it was time to head east towards Malltraeth crossing a river mouth and then south-east onwards to Newborough where we would have lunch.

Mum and Harry had picked ‘Red Squirrel Woodland’ for lunch, so we ate in the comfort of a national trust carpark! We had the usual fodder, sandwiches, cake and fruit and then got ready to set off. We had only done about 29 miles in the morning so we wanted to make the most of the afternoon and try for about 40 miles.

The weather seemed to have cleared so we left the waterproof jackets in the motorhome and got on our way, pushing to get off Anglesey as soon as we could. It seemed that we would not have the weather on our side in the afternoon as the wind reared its ugly head, driving right in our faces. We powered on along the A4080 heading towards Britannia Bridge that would take us off Anglesey and back to the mainland.

As we reached Britannia Bridge, Mum rang me to let me know the weather was closing in – it wasn’t the best time to be called as I was on a busy road, on a bridge in blustery gales. Needless to say the conversation was quick and I battled on across the bridge. It looked as though there was a pavement across, but it seemed to disappear half way across so I was thrown on to the road. It’s never nice cycling on a busy road on a bridge with strong side-winds as you never know where you’ll end up after a strong gust.

Back on the mainland, as I’d downloaded the National Cycle Network app for my iPhone, I found that we were near Route 8, that was a nice traffic-free cycle path, so we took this all the way to Caernarfon. We cycled through the town on the cycle path and we were treated to amazing views of Caernarfon Castle. On reaching the other side of Caernarfon we cycled along quieter roads that were unfortunately in the wrong direction as the wind was battering us back, we got down to about an average of 7 mph, the wind was that strong! After being stung by the wind, we managed to rejoin the busy A499 road. We were lucky that there was a well-kept cycle route along side the road, so we kept off a major road nearing home time.

There were a couple of major climbs after we left the A499, around Llithfaen, but as we knew it was nearing the end of our days cycling we didn’t mind.

We met the motorhome in a lay-by two miles before Nefyn, rather than stay at the side of a busy road we decided to keep moving forward to see whether there was anything more suitable. As we reached Nefyn it wasn’t looking good, so we headed for the beach. The motorhome parked up at the top of the road that descended to the beach, and they sent me on ahead to see whether there were any suitable parking areas… I shot off and as I was descending the hill I had a bad feeling, and low and behold there was absolutely nothing, meaning I had to get back up the hairpin 20% hill, just what you need after a 70 odd mile cycle ride!

We kept on going to Morfa Nefyn, where we found a National Trust car park, but it still didn’t look good as there was a big gate that looked like it would be locked and we didn’t want to get shut in! There were a couple of cars in the car park, so Mum went and asked a chap in one of the cars to check the gate wouldn’t be shut.

The conversation went on for a while, and in the end (you won’t believe this) he said, ‘I wouldn’t stay here, why don’t you come and stay in my Mum’s campsite!’ We ended up in his Mums caravan site, in Pistyll a couple of miles of backtracking so we ended up lobbing the bikes in the motorhome. We had an extremely warm welcome from Jacky at Penisarlon Farm Camping Park, meeting the ponies and ‘Stitch’ the domesticated sheep. The hospitality was absolutely amazing from both Jacky and her husband David and the camping park had an amazing view out over Caernarfon Bay to watch the sun set.

We had salmon, asparagus and potato gratin for dinner, with a couple of bottles of wine, great to eat in the luxury of a nice campsite! As we’re nearing the weekend we’re starting to get excited about the visitors we have – Pat and Gavin

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