Sunday 16th September 2012 – Day 35 (REST DAY!)

Aberystwyth – Aberystwyth

0 miles cycled

0 feed climbed

0 calories burnt


Today was an absolute treat, spent with the family! Everyone allowed themselves a lie in and whilst the parents stayed in the Farmhouse, Gavin and I ventured into Aberystwyth.

We parked in the centre and walked up the side of the funicular railway, looking out over the town and taking lots of photographs of the bay. When we reached the top, we had a coffee and piece of cake in the rather soulless cafe at the top. Afterwards we trekked North along a cliff walkway and descended into the biggest static caravan park I’ve seen on the trip. We had a quick peak at the beach, but as the wind whipped around us we retreated back to the path.

Once we’d climbed back up the cliff path, we reached the funicular and treated ourselves to a ride on it. It’s great to see that it was still working, even if it had moved away from the traditional method of being operated with water to electric. Next on our exciting agenda was to go supermarket shopping for some basics – I never thought I would miss supermarket shopping but it was a nice treat to get into the aisles of Morrison’s and see what goodies we could buy. Ended up being a bottle of red, branston pickle, chorizo, some cheese and a bottle of ginger beer, all essentials for a long distance bike ride you understand.

When we got back, Pat had cooked up an absolute storm in the kitchen, a four rib of beef with ALL the trimmings and my absolute favourite for dessert, APPLE PIE with CUSTARD! We were in our element with such a feast and it was wonderful to share some quality time with Gavin and Pat and the four of us ‘tourers’.

After dinner, Gavin had brought the printer with him so I could do some serious paper work. We also managed to have a quick power nap before they had to leave. It’s always very sad when we have visitors leave, even more so when we have to get back in the motorhome after staying in such luxury in the Farmhouse!

Mum, Dad and I had a dip in the hot-tub and looked out at the Welsh starry sky again! Back on the road again tomorrow – I’m actually really looking forward to being in the saddle again and making progress round the coast!

3 thoughts on “Sunday 16th September 2012 – Day 35 (REST DAY!)

  1. 34 days on the trot is an amazing feat from all 4 of you. I hope you are all refreshed by your rest day. Best wishes for a safe & enjoyable second half of your mighty odyssey.

  2. It’s great to have a rest day. Esp with family and a scrumptuous roast of course 😉
    Happy cycling for the week to come and stay safe.

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