Monday 17th September 2012 – Day 36

Aberystwyth – Abereiddy (St. David’s)

82.13 miles

6365 feet climbed

3549 calories burnt

It was a difficult morning today, waking up in our wonderfully spacious farmhouse perched on the side of a wee hill near Aberystwyth, knowing that we would soon have to be back cramped in the motorhome. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful, modern, all singing all dancing model, but it’s just incredibly difficult to get excited about eating, sleeping, showering, living, breathing in such cramped conditions since we’ve had this luxury.

The sun was trying to burn off the clouds as I sat eating my breakfast in the conservatory, such a pretty part of the world. I don’t think anyone was in a rush to leave, so we all ate and packed slowly. When it was time to leave, we said our goodbyes to the farmhouse, hot tub and space and saddled up back on our bikes.

It was a great morning weather wise, the sun was out and the clouds had cleared in the direction we were going in, we were leaving behind some rather ominous looking dark stormy weather. It was great to be back on the bikes after our first rest day of the whole trip, I felt completely refreshed and the legs were happy to be spinning again.

We had a couple of miles of country lanes from the farmhouse to allow us to get back in to the saddle properly and test the bikes that had been cleaned again without having to worry about the traffic. There were a couple of short sharp climbs that the lane treated us to, but this was great as it allowed us to warm the legs through.

Unfortunately it wasn’t long until we were back on the main road, the busy A487. It was quite a shock to the system, I don’t know whether it was because we’d been off our bikes for 24 hours or what, but it felt as though the cars were coming perilously close to us today.

After about 15 miles on the A487 it was thankfully time to turn off, back on to the country lanes and closer to the sea. We bombed down the hill and stumbled on New Quay a picturesque coastal town. Dad and I stopped in a quaint café that was perched on the side of a steep one-way road that headed towards the harbour. I treated Dad to a cream tea (to share) and it was probably the best scone of the trip so far, warm, and served with both butter and clotted cream and of course strawberry jam.

As we were climbing out of New Quay (and I mean climbing) it started to drizzle slightly, so instead of cycling along some incredibly small higgledy piggledy roads, I directed us back on to the A487 to churn all the way to Cardigan.

We hit the outskirts of Cardigan and found the motorhome pride of place in a B&Q car park. Mum and Harry had made chorizo and cheese sandwiches, exactly what we needed after our 40 mile morning cycle. We set off back on the road at about 2:00pm, the weather again looked promising so we pootled off with our ‘dry-weather’ gear on.

The afternoon dashed by, we did have a driving headwind that got stronger as time went by, but again because we were fresh it didn’t seem to take its toll as it should have done. We took the B4546 northwest out of Cardigan towards Poppit Sands, where we were treated to a beautiful view over the river mouth.

We cycled minor roads for about 8 miles, where it felt like we were on a rollercoaster, the minute you finished a descent you’d be back on another ascent, no rest for the wicked. It was actually quite good because the rain started and it was a good way of keeping us warm charging up the hills.

At Newport we joined the A487 again, and this took us all the way to Fishguard and on to St. David’s. The only noticeable part of the ride (as main roads are restricted of good views) was when we reached Fishguard and we had a brilliant descent to the harbour and then turned a corner to find a horrific wall looking ascent!

The headwind got demoralising after Fishguard, but we ploughed on to St. David’s in pretty quick time. On reaching what we thought was our final destination, I had been trying Mum and Harry for some time but neither of them had phone signal. It took Dad and I a while to decipher some clues we had found on twitter (the Motorhome sat nav is hooked up to Dad’s twitter account and tweets the destination that the Motorhome has traveled to) and the final text I had received from Mum. It wasn’t a nice realization that we had to BACK TRACK 5.5 miles after we’d already cycled 77 miles!

Anyway, I used my iPhone to map read us across to Abereiddy, where we hoped the Motorhome would be and thank god it was! Harry had dinner on, it was the leftovers of the fore-rib of beef from Sunday and all the trimmings again. We had a good giggle over dinner about the lack of signal debacle, but to be honest we’d forgiven them because the secluded harbour they had found was stunning, absolutely amazing!

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