Wednesday 19th September 2012 – Day 38

Lydstep (nr. Tenby) – Burry Port

64.69 miles

5405 feet climbed

3211 calories burnt

Overview of cumulative stats:

  • 2,406.54 miles
  • 123,379 feet climbed (Mt. Everest is 29,029 feet, so we’ve climbed to the summit 4.3 times)
  • 106,447 calories burnt (490 calories in a Big Mac so we could have consumed 217 over our 38 day cycling extravaganza)

This morning it was difficult to get out of bed. Being a woman, at a certain time of the month it’s not always a joy to get back in the saddle. Combining PMT, with a cramped motorhome and a very cold nights sleep was a recipe for disaster! Anyway, I hunkered down and got on with having my breakfast, getting my kit ready and unlocking the bikes. At least we had stayed on a campsite so we’d had the use of electricity and piping hot showers.

The weather was beautifully clear, blue skies, puffy white clouds and some sun for once – perfect conditions for another day of cycling. We set off around 9:30am and pootled on to the B4585 towards Tenby. It was a clearish morning in terms of traffic and we were still being treated to the spectacular views of the Pembrokeshire Coast.

Our route took us through Tenby, on to the A478 north and then off towards Saundersfoot on some lovely quiet roads. We cycled along enjoying the sun and undulating terrain. The road was like a rollercoaster; once you had finished a descent you would be thrown into climbing a huge ascent. Once we had got round to Laugharne, we stopped to meet the Motorhome for coffee and lemon cake, we had miscalculated the distances and only done 20 miles. Whilst waiting for us, Mum and Harry visited the famous poet Dylan Thomas’ house, and a massive market where Mum went crazy and bought a zip and some needles (woah there Mum, don’t go having too much fun!).

After our quick pit stop – we pushed on north from Laugharne towards St Clears on the A4066 to navigate round the River Taf. It’s always difficult going round the mouth of a river because you can see the other side and know that you can have up to a 10 miles detour before you reach it! We ducked around the A40 at St Clears for the first time of the day and headed south again to Llansteffan, the town we had seen as we had stopped at Laugharne.

We stopped for lunch in Johnstown, south of the busy A40 and the town of Carmarthen. I quickly rang Bristol Heart FM to do an interview about the ride. CCS Adoption, the charity we are raising money for arranged it for us – I hope it helps us to raise more funds! Harry cooked up a treat, bacon/egg/onion sandwiches and we had some cookies that Pat had brought back from New York for ‘dessert’.

Once we set off again after lunch, it was time to negotiate round the A40 and Camarthen, not an easy feat when you are trying to avoid rush hour traffic. We probably ended up doing a big detour than necessary but it had the desired affect on missing the busy roads. Eventually we joined up with route 4 to take us safely around the A40 and back on to my route on the A484.

It’s always a shock to the system when you’ve had a morning on lovely country lanes to come back to a busy arterial road. You could also tell it was ‘chuck your kid in a truck’ time as there were manic women hogging the road trying to get their precious cargo home, at the cost of anything getting in their way.

We came off the A484 and headed towards Ferryside on the mouth of River Towy. There was a fantastic descent into the town, but the climb out was monstrous. Such a thin road and incredibly bad terrain – we had to be careful not to spin out, but we made it up without incident. Once we were back on the A484, the traffic seemed to have calmed down, so we could take it easier and not have to rush.

We ended the day in Burry Port, just outside of Llanelli. Mum and I locked the bikes up on the back of the Motorhome, she then reversed it into the bush so we could keep them hidden. I grabbed a quick shower before sitting down to corned beef hash and beans for dinner. Once we’d eaten, Mum and I walked down to the beach and took Jasper for a nice little swim in the bay – it was a beautifully calm evening and we could see lights across the coast.

After such a sunny day, my neck is decidedly warm with a hint of sun burn, let’s hope the weather continues through to tomorrow!

Please remember my Dad and I are cycling the 4,400 miles round the coast of Britain to raise £10,000 for Clifton’s Children Society (CCS) Adoption, the agency that helped family friends adopt. Please follow this link to donate as much as you can

Many, many thanks in advance!

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