Saturday 22nd September 2012 – Day 41

Severn Bridge (Travelodge) – Burnham-on-Sea

52.64 miles cycled

1313 feet climbed

2265 calories burnt

It’s amazing, I complain about the lack of space in the Motorhome but then I never seem to be able to sleep when I’ve got a hotel! Mum and I stayed in a Travelodge that Pat had helped us to book so I could have some space to conduct my job interview in, that meant we had a room for the night. It took me till 3:30am to get to sleep, which meant I only had three and a half hours of shut-eye before I had to wake up for the Bristol FM interview at 7:40am.

The radio interview went well; I was on air with Maggie from CCS Adoption, meaning I could talk about the cycling and Maggie the important adoption information! Afterwards, I went to have breakfast in the Motorhome with the rest of the crew and get ready to set off to meet CCS Adoption at Portishead.

Weather wise it was a clear night meaning it was an incredibly chilly morning. Dad and I kitted up with arm, leg and ear-warmers with our jackets on top. We set off from the Travelodge carpark with our new tires. Dad and Harry had kindly put a new Continental front tire on as my old one was looking incredibly worn with over 4,500 miles on it. Before I came away my back tire blew out as I was riding, so I’m still abit nervous!

As we had followed the NCN Route 4 yesterday over the Severn Bridge (that can you believe was closed today, how lucky we were to have crossed it yesterday) we could have traced the route down to Portishead but instead we followed the more direct route that I had plotted on my Garmin as it was a Saturday and there was little traffic on the road.

We navigated the roundabouts out of the service station the Travelodge was in and headed to the A403. There was very little traffic on the road and we whizzed along with the wind behind us. We cycled under the M4 and M49 and kept on the A403 tracing the coast. It was nice to see across the mouth of the Severn into Wales where we’d cycled yesterday.

As we approached Bristol, instead of heading south-east on the A4 to navigate round the River Avon, we found Route 41 to take us over the M5 bridge, cutting about 5 miles off our Garmin route. When we got off the bridge we saw a load of weekend cyclists, lovely to see so many people out and about on their bikes.

Once off the bridge, we joined my route again on to the A369 to take us into Porthishead to meet everyone. The sun was well and truly shining now, so I was glad to see the Lakeside cafe so we could shed some layers. We’d arrived earlier than planned, so we caught everyone in the middle of setting up the balloons and bunting, it was a lovely surprise! It was so wonderful to see everyone, definitely the boost we needed after cycling over 2,300 miles on the trip.

Not only did we meet the CCS crew we had a visit from one of our Twitter followers, Robert – who had brought his wife and little boy Archie along. Robert had kindly twisted his wife’s arm to bake us a luscious lemon cake and some much needed flapjack (as we had run out of Mum’s stock). Such generosity from everyone that we had met in the morinng, we even had a kind ‘donation’ of bottles of wine from John, a trustee of CCS – we were overwhelmed by all of the attention.

Once we had taken photo’s, eaten some late bacon and egg breakfast baps and talked to everyone, it was ready to get on our way. The peloton had grown with the welcoming of Robert, it’s always nice to have someone accompany us – makes the miles disappear quicker. The only problem is, I wish when we were joined by people all the traffic would disappear so we could chat properly, instead of being in a single-file peloton!

There were some busy A-roads out of Portishead and after Clevedon we had to cycle on the hazardous A370. As it was approaching 1:00pm there were the usual crazy drivers trying to reach their lunchtime destinations. Whenever we’re cycling on an A-road, Dad and I usually churn through so we can escape the traffic and get on to the quiter country roads.

It wasn’t long before we were pootling along the coast at Weston-Super-Mare, the front looked very different to other sea-side towns like Blackpool we have cycled through, polar opposites in fact. After W-S-M we had to get back on the A370 to get us out of the town and then we dived off onto country lanes to take us to Brean. When we got to Brean, this is where we said our goodbye’s to Robert and we carried on to Burnham-on-Sea to meet with the Motorhome.

When we got to the motorhome we packed the bikes up and began our drive down to Cornwall to see my brother in hospital, we will be halting the ride until he gets better. We’ll keep everyone updated!

One thought on “Saturday 22nd September 2012 – Day 41

  1. It was so good to see you all on Saturday. The weather was great and it was nice to be outside and chat to everyone.
    We hope you brother gets better soon.

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