Tuesday 25th September 2012 – Day 44

Burnham-on-Sea – Holfold (nr Bridgwater)

21.71 miles

777 feet climbed

838 calories burnt

Total cumulative miles cycled = 2,611.09 miles

We finished cycling on Saturday afternoon before traveling down to my brothers to look after his family whilst he was in hospital. It wasn’t long before he was on the mend thankfully and we got back on the road to Burnham-on-Sea on Monday evening. When we got back to B-O-S yesterday night, we camped up in a lay-by in a rugby club.

We tried to get on their caravan site, but it looked as though no-one was around and the ground was absolutely soaked after the torrential rain, so we just stuck to a lay-by next to the pitch. This proved to be the wrong decision as the treasurer of the site, who wasn’t happy with us staying there, accosted us. He had spotted us the night before, but didn’t say anything and left us to it – I guess we can’t win them all. In the end, he kindly said we were to donate the fee of the caravan park to our fund – so all in all a good ending.

The weather wasn’t looking too bad, we knew it would rain later so we put on the wet weather kit. Gavin bought me a wonderful new waterproof jacket so today was the chance to give it a whirl. I’ll give it a review once I’ve had a chance to put it through its paces properly.

We set off from the rugby club, Dad led, as we had to navigate back to the course I had plotted for my Garmin.  This meant we took it steadily, following the road signs to take us to our route. About a mile in, I felt a twinge in my right quad – I thought nothing of it and continued on. It wasn’t long until the pain worsened and I could barely lift my leg to complete a rotation. Once the right quad went, it shifted up to below my right buttock and then down to my left quad – I’ve never felt pain like it, it was like a hot poker was being held on each of my quads.

As Dad is deaf in one ear, it was difficult to get him to stop as he’d managed to get ahead. We stopped for a while and then I decided to give it another go to see whether I could cycle it off… I couldn’t! On stopping the second time, I was in tears (what a girl!) the pain was unbearable and I could barely walk. Dad rang the Motorhome and in a shot they were with us. They had been walking Jasper and were about to do some food shopping but had to cut it short to collect us.

When they arrived, my feet had started to go slightly numb so I was hauled into the van and everyone started hunting for an A&E to get a doctors opinion. We ended up finding an A&E in Weston-super-mare, so after packing up the bikes we sped across to get me sorted.

The A&E department were lovely, we didn’t have to wait too long to be triaged, then about an hour to be seen by a doctor – this was when it all went a bit wrong. Essentially she said because I’d been cycling for 41 days straight there were little muscle tears in my quads… Saying that she didn’t check my back or do anything but squeeze my quad. I was told to rest for as long as I could and take Ibuprofen and Paracetamol. I asked if there were any stretches or anything else I could do, but she didn’t really have a clue. So off I hobbled, still in agony and none-the-wiser back to the Motorhome.

Mum, Dad and I started to look into sports massages around Weston-Super-Mare and this is where we stumbled on Tony Martyn Haworth’s website. After a quick call we arranged for an hour’s long massage at 1:00pm, so off we trotted. We found his treatment room located in a sports centre and he started his initial consultation. To say he worked a miracle was an absolute understatement, I’ve never had such a thorough sports massage – I am forever in his debt! If anyone in the Weston-Super-Mare area ever needs any injuries seeing to, I would recommend Tony (http://tmh-massage.com mobile: 07932236282).

Now I’m not the easiest person to massage, I’m incredibly ticklish, especially around the quad area, so Tony had his work cut out for him. He located a number of problems, in the right shoulder, the back, the right glute and various other places. He went to work on me and didn’t leave a muscle unturned, I felt well and truly pummeled.

Once the massage was over, we had lunch in the car park of the sports centre. Poor Harry and Dad had been cooped up in the Motorhome all day so I felt guilty and wanted to get on the road so we could get back in to our routine. After eating our sandwiches, Dad and I decided to try and do 15 miles before the day was over to get my legs going again.

It was pretty painless, I couldn’t believe what a difference a couple of hours and an intense sports massage could do – felt like a new woman. After about 10 miles, my glute had seized and it felt as though the pain was coming back – a few butt squeezes later and I’d managed to stop any further pain.

Mum and Harry had found a wonderful campsite, run by Terry and Jane Ayre called Moorhouse Campsite. We received wonderful hospitality and Mum even found out that they pressed cider on the campsite called Mad Cider. Whilst dinner was being prepared Mum went to find some of the Mad Cider, unfortunately they were waiting for a delivery as it was off to be packed so we couldn’t have any.

Harry did us proud AGAIN, and for dinner we had homemade tomato and mascarpone pasta with sausage meat, exactly what I needed after such a tiring day. On finishing, we had a knock at the door and Mr Mad Cider had come to HAND-DELIVER us six-pints of his cider, such a wonderful surprise,

So all in all, after what started as a quite a horrific day it turned out that we found some more wonderful people and had a slightly different adventure than expected!

Please remember Kirsty Medlock and her Father, Stephen are self-funding the 4,400 mile cycle round the coast of Britain to raise £10,000 for Clifton’s Children Society (CCS) Adoption, the agency that facilitated an adoption for family friends. Please follow this link to donate as much as you can to hopefully create another adoptive family http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/cycling4adoption

Many, many thanks in advance!

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