Monday 15th October 2012 – Day 64

Chapel St Leonard – Burstwick

81.06 miles

1115 feet climbed

3326 calories burnt


Cumulative miles cycled = 3,746.22 miles

It’s now the usual story every morning in terms of weather, absolutely blooming freezing with beautiful clear blue autumnal skies – it definitely makes you want to turn over and go back to sleep. For the first time we had to switch the ‘central heating’ on in the Motorhome, yeap – it’s that sophisticated! It was lovely eating breakfast in warmer climes, makes your orange juice taste nicer!

Dad made the decision that Cleethorpes would be our lunchtime destination, around the forty-mile mark from setting off. It’s always best to get the majority of the cycling done before chowing down on lunch as we get pretty tired now in the afternoons! Overall, the day was definitely split in to two distinct halves. Before lunch we were happy pootling on relatively quiet roads, but after Grimsby it became more built up, industrial and busy with traffic!

As I’ve had numb toes over the past couple of days because it’s been so cold, I thought I would try out a new shoe combination. I had my socks, shoes, over-socks and waterproof overshoes on; it all just about kept the chill at bay! It’s fine when you’re cycling along, but when we have pit-stops, it gets relatively nippy. It seems I won’t be topping up my leg tan any more, I’m covered from head to toe, even my ears, just a wee bit of my face showing now.

We set off from our lovely campsite, rejoined the A52 for about half a mile before ducking off to cycle along the country lanes directly north towards Sandilands. As we set off at 9:00am, the rush-hour traffic had passed and we were treated to relatively quiet roads. The wind was also behaving, we didn’t have such a bad headwind to cycle in to.

When we reached Sutton on Sea, we joined the A52 for a brief period and once again we shot off on country lanes at Mablethorpe. It’s funny, if you look on a map at just how close we were to the North Sea, you would have thought we would have been staring out across it all morning, but again we saw absolutely no sea what-so-ever.

By the time I switched screens on my Garmin to see how many miles we’d done, we were at Saltfleetby All Saints, and we’d managed to thrash out 20 or so miles! For the rest of the morning we followed the A1031 right in to Cleethorpes. As we were approaching the town, traffic picked up – must have been the lunchtime rush! The road had a number of nip points in it and as I was cycling through one of them I got the shock of my life when a white van was trying to pass me, with wood coming out of the passengers side window, about 10 inches from my head! I turned, exclaimed and waved for him to slow down so as not to pass me so close, and thankfully he got the hint. I could hear my Dad behind me exclaiming, so I know it must have been close, WHY COULD HE NOT HAVE WAITED? The driver dropped back and spoke with my Dad, saying he was not that close, and my Dad replied that he really was… ANYWAY – the driver apologised to my Dad and then came up beside me, held up his hand and apologised to me, I nearly fell off my bike in shock! In my 17 years of riding on the road never once has a motorist apologised to me for coming so close, even my brother was shocked to hear this!

The motorhome was parked in the carpark of KFC and McDonalds, I’m not usually a fan, but having cycled all morning I was having a craving, needless to say I didn’t give in and ate my sandwiches! As we had powered along in the morning, we reached the lunch time spot at 12:00 and ended up leaving just after 1:00, this was good news as I did not want to be reaching Hull around rush hour.

The afternoon’s ride started off ok, we managed to navigate into Grimsby without too much difficulty, and headed outwards towards Immingham on the A180. Anyone that has driven on this road will vouch when I say – I didn’t think I was going to come off it alive! Dad and I really pushed to get off the road, it was a dual carriageway with the loudest road surface you’ll ever cycle on (and I would not advise to!). Every car, van, lorry, caravan, motorbike that went passed sounded and felt like an earthquake was happening, not a pleasant cycle at all, specially with the long slip ways for junctions and vehicles passing at 70 mph plus!

By the time we reached Immingham, we were in a built up industrial area, with lots of lorries, thankfully the road was wide, with a hardshoulder we could cycle down. When we reached Barton-Upon-Humber, we followed the cycle paths towards the Humber Bridge to cross the River Humber! We crossed it on the west side, luckily there was little wind and the 2-mile cycle across it were relatively pain free. The other side was a different story as we had to follow the cycle paths through Hessle and in to the centre of Hull – some serious signage problems along that route!

When we reached the outskirts of Hull, we stopped for a quick pit stop so I could orientate us, and this is when I realised we were in YORKSHIRE, the last county we will cycle in! I could also tell we were back t’up North as people started to come up to us and chat, one guy just walked past and was like ‘how many miles you’ve cycled’, when Dad responded about 3,500 miles, he stopped and looked a bit flabbergasted!

We carried on, weaving in and out the backstreets of Hull, not the most pleasant of experiences but we got it done! As we were reaching the outskirts on the East side of Hull we got a bit lost and again a friendly pedestrian stopped to help us out. Always nice coming back to the North, people really are friendlier and look out for one another!

Once we found our way, it wasn’t long before we were on the B1362 heading to Burstwick. By now the sun was starting to set and the temperature had dropped dramatically, I really couldn’t wait to get in to the warmth of the motorhome. We found the Motorhome in Ashbradell campsite, a new site that was just off the main road.

For dinner, Mum cooked a mound of sausage, lardoons, tomato, pepper pasta! Exactly what we needed after such a long day in the saddle… It’s strange that these are the last nights we’ll be on the road, only two more days (touch wood) of cycling left and we’ll be at the Transporter Bridge again! Can’t believe we’ve nearly done it!

Let’s hope that the weather holds up for just two more days, it would be such a shame for us to have to cycle in bad weather!

Please remember that Kirsty Medlock and her Dad, Stephen are cycling the 4,400 miles round the coast of Britain to raise £10,000 for Clifton’s Children Society (CCS) Adoption, the agency that facilitated an adoption for family friends. Please follow this link to donate as much as you can

Many, many thanks in advance!

One thought on “Monday 15th October 2012 – Day 64

  1. Only a couple of days left! Wahooooo!
    That’s awesome. Can’t believe it’s almost over.
    Well done guys.
    We’re praying for good weather!.
    Ride safely.

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