Photographs – Day 15 – Monday 27th August

Monday 27th August 2012 – Day 15

Gairloch – Shieldaig

37.26 miles

1952 feet climbed

1597 calories burnt

Cumulative miles cycled round the coast = 1,010.53 miles

Please remember that Kirsty Medlock and her Dad, Stephen cycled the 4,000 miles round the coast of Britain to raise £10,000 for Clifton’s Children Society (CCS) Adoption, the agency that facilitated an adoption for family friends. Please follow this link to donate as much as you can

Many, many thanks in advance!

Diary – Day 15

As we expected we woke to howling gails and light rain, so we took our time over breakfast. News came through about the rescue we were watching last night, unfortunately 2 of the boys that were found, since died in hospital and one man was still being looked for, they were resuming the search at 8:00am.

We waited as long as we could for the rain and wind to subside to make a move. The point of todays cycling was to get us in a good position to tackle the Bealach-Na-Ba climb out of Applecross.  As the climb was unsuitable for Motorhomes we had to get ourselves as close as possible the night before so we didn’t have a long cycle before we came to it.

Out of the campsite we had a steep drop down and we cycled along the shore of Loch Gairloch, the wind had picked up considerably compared to the night before. It was that calm yesterday the midgies were out in force and it meant we had to abandon drinking our pints outside.

After no time we were being battered by wind, but as we hit Loch Maree we were lucky enough to be shielded by trees which helped considerably.  Whilst cycling along the Loch we had another close call with a gold car.  He kindly decided to wait for an oncoming car to pass us, and then he overtook us at the same time, CHEERS GOLD CAR! With the wind as strong as it was, it’s never nice being overtaken so closely.

Loch Maree is about 10 miles long so when we were nearing the end, we knew the turning wasn’t that far for where we were to meet Mum and Harry for lunch in Kinlochewe.  They had found a lovely cafe/restaurant called Whistlestop, so we let Harry the head chef have the day off and ate dinner early.  Dad and I had steak pies with mash, chips and peas, Harry had pork schnitzel and Mum had some for of crumbed fish.

After lunch, we went back to the van for a quick rest, I had a power nap as the wind had taken its toll on me, plus it was still raining and we didn’t want to set off just to get wet.  Once it had cleared we followed the A896 all the way past Loch Clair, it was literally another single track road with passing points and we had mountains either side and view of the Loch’s, you really could never get bored of looking at these views.

There was another sharp climb alng the south coast of Loch Torridon, which is exactly the same point as when the heavens decided to open.  That’s one thing about the weather up here, you can actually see the weather changing infront of your eyes, one minute it was bright sunshine and then the next we were under a black cloud being beaten by rain and wind (making the rain feel like hail!).  The rain came, belted us and then left and we were left with a sunny descent into Shieldagh where the motorhome was waiting for us in a camping area.  Again, the views out over Loch Shieldagh were amazing!

We just had sandwiches for dinner and as we didn’t have television in the motorhome again (now 5 days due to signal) we all went to bed relatively early!  Took a long time for me to sleep as I was thinking about the Bealach Na Ba climb we had coming up!

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