Photographs – Day 29 – Monday 10th September

Monday 10th September 2012 – Day 29

Walmer Bridge (south of Preston) – Hoylake

50.08 miles

659 feet climbed

2083 calories burnt

Cumulative miles cycled round the coast = 1,969.87 miles

Please remember that Kirsty Medlock and her Dad, Stephen cycled the 4,000 miles round the coast of Britain to raise £10,000 for Clifton’s Children Society (CCS) Adoption, the agency that facilitated an adoption for family friends. Please follow this link to donate as much as you can

Many, many thanks in advance!

Diary – Day 29

I had a lovely sleep in our cosy pub car park alongside the A59 – we were even greeted by Phil the manager of the Fox Cub pub, to wish us well on our way! The weather didn’t look too great, but we thought it would clear so we left our wet weather gear behind and risked it.

Dad and I set off along the cycle paths of the A59 towards Southport. About a mile into the ride, the clouds turned black and we had a brief downpour, luckily it didn’t last for long.

We reached Southport and cycled along the front, looking out in the distance to the sea that was miles out. It was all rather quiet apart from a couple of runners that passed by. There wasn’t much to note really until we got to Liverpool and had to find a train station that would take us under the River Mersey.

When ever we hit a city centre, the route I have plotted on the Garmin usually goes out of the window as it’s incredibly difficult to navigate from a one inch screen, in an alien city with cars whizzing by you and watching out for potholes and pedestrians so Dad usually takes over. It wasn’t long before we had found Moorfields station, bought our tickets and headed down underground on the escalators with our bikes to get under the Mersey.

We popped out the other side at Hamilton Square, meaning we had missed out quite a big chunk of our route that wasn’t really suitable for two cyclists in lycra!

After our brief train interlude we headed north to Wallasey, and all the while I was communicating with Ben, who I’d met on a London-to-Paris bike ride so we could meet up and he could cycle with us. He managed to find us a couple of miles from our lunch stop in Hoylake and he took us on a much more suitable cycling route than the A553 we were trying to navigate on!

Unfortunately, Ben couldn’t ride with us for the afternoon, so he said his goodbye’s before we sat down to eat. Before he left, he gave us some invaluable details about a certain road we are to avoid when we head out of the Wirral – you can’t beat local knowledge!

This is now where things got interesting, we had lunch (bacon and egg sarnies) and as usual we started charging our phones etc. For some reason the electrics in the front of the motorhome stopped working and this was our last port of call because the inverter had blown too. We’ve been so lucky with the motorhome in general, it is doing us so proud, but as with all things, when it is getting used, day-after-day the amount we are using it, things do go a little wrong.

At this point, I rang Ben for some more of his local knowledge – where we could find a garage and he came up trumps. In no time at all we were heading in the right direction! We ended up at Rod’s Auto Electrical Repairs garage. Long story short – we were with Rod for over two hours, turned out – he was an avid cyclist and we chatted away over a cuppa (THANK YOU ROD!). He was telling us about the audax’s he’s done, we got to see his medals, and how his brother sold an Eddie Merckx cycling jersey a couple of years ago on ebay and who should turn up to pick it up, but the one and only Bradley Wiggins! So many other stories and interesting things came out, and he also managed to fix ALL the electrics in the van.

As time had passed, we ended up just parking in a carpark near the garage for the evening. Mum and I treated the men to dinner, we cooked pies and mash. We’re also now getting television signal, so it means we can watch the news and find out what’s happening in the real world!

It felt strange only cycling about 50 miles, but it’s given the legs a rest so we’re re-charged for the miles ahead, plus we’re still ahead of the schedule!

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