Photographs – Day 30 – Tuesday 11th September

Tuesday 11th September 2012 – Day 30

Hoylake – Rhos-on-Sea (just outside Llandudno)

56.84 miles

1385 feet climbed

2187 calories burnt

Cumulative miles cycled round the coast = 2,026.71 miles

Please remember that Kirsty Medlock and her Dad, Stephen cycled the 4,000 miles round the coast of Britain to raise £10,000 for Clifton’s Children Society (CCS) Adoption, the agency that facilitated an adoption for family friends. Please follow this link to donate as much as you can

Many, many thanks in advance!

Diary – Day 30

Overnight the weather was atrocious, the rain poured down and the wind battered the motorhome. It was that bad it scared the life out of Jasper, who jumped up on to Mum’s bed to sleep with her! As we were waking up, the council were clearing the weeds out of the car park, so that made sure we didn’t lay-in!

As I was charging my phone in the front of the cab after breakfast, a car pulled up and I thought we were in trouble for staying over night. Little did I know that it would be Rod, the chap who had helped us yesterday with the motorhome electrics. He had kindly brought us a newspaper, cycle map and some parts for the inverter.

The weather cleared slightly, but as the forecast said it was going to be cold, with heavy showers – we kitted up with our cycling leggings (the first time of the whole trip) and wet weather gear!

Setting off along the A540 out of the Wirral we pushed into the wind. About four miles in to the ride, the heavens opened and the showers poured down so Dad and I sheltered in some bushes.  This was the story of the morning, cycling for about five miles, sheltering out of the rain and then going again, all the way until we got out of the Wirral.

Whilst still in England, I had one near miss with a very elderly lady at a cross-junction. It was my right of way, the cross-junction was ‘crossing’ my path, she saw me and just pulled out, I had my eyes locked on hers and even then she still kept plowing at me. It was almost as if she thought she was pressing the brake, when in fact she was pushing the accelerator!

Later on, for some reason, I had plotted us to go through a farm and we ended up ‘off-roading’ for a couple of miles, popping out near a sailing club. It also looked as though we had crossed the English/Welsh border in the farmers field, because we went in with English road signs and came out with Welsh road signs!

We powered along the A548 over Connah’s Quay and a nice bridge (name escapes me) into Wales properly. The wind was really pushing us back which was pretty demoralising, but we knew at that point we only had about 10 miles to go until lunch at Prestatyn. Dad and I stopped off at a fabric outlet to nip in for a pit-stop and re-fuel, it seems along the A548 there is a great need for fabric, we past about 10 outlets in about a miles distance.

Our lunch stop ended up being about 2 miles out from Prestatyn, we had the usual sandwiches and cake before getting back on the road again. Today, we only planned to do a little over 25 miles in the afternoon to reach around Llandudno.

We kept on the A548, through Rhyl, where I’ve never seen so many caravan sites in my life, along with some road works that we managed to skip round being on bikes!

In Abergele, we followed the advice given to us by Rod and found the Sustrans Route 5, that lead us all the way along the coast on a beautifully kept cycle path. As we were cycling along, we hit Llanddulas and as the weather was about to turn and start pouring down, we dashed into a café called Tides. We chatted with the owners about the ride and they were lovely hosts – I think we may have interrupted their closing time, but they welcomed us in none-the-less!

After our coffees we headed back on to Route 5 on our way to Llandudno to meet the motorhome. It was a pleasant change to have the cycle path and not have to fight through traffic, trying to read my Garmin!

We met the motorhome just outside Llandudno at a campsite called Dinarth Hall in Rhos-on-Sea. Mum and I went to do the womanly thing – laundry and whilst we were there we bumped into a lady called Steph, who was a dog behaviouralist (among other things) and we ended up chatting for a couple of hours. It’s been one of the main things I’ve enjoyed about this trip, meeting the different people and learning so many new things. Steph even helped Mum with Jasper’s pulling on the lead.

We had lamb curry for dinner, with a bottle of rose before heading to bed under a starry welsh sky!

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