Photographs – Day 31 – Wednesday 12th September

Wednesday 12th September 2012 – Day 31

Rhos-on-Sea (just outside Llandudno) – Bull Bay (Isle of Anglesey)

50.40 miles

3531 feet climbed

2279 calories burnt

Cumulative miles cycled round the coast = 2,077.11 miles

Please remember that Kirsty Medlock and her Dad, Stephen cycled the 4,000 miles round the coast of Britain to raise £10,000 for Clifton’s Children Society (CCS) Adoption, the agency that facilitated an adoption for family friends. Please follow this link to donate as much as you can

Many, many thanks in advance!

Diary – Day 31

Today marks a full month of being on the road – hard to believe it’s been that long. My body has definitely adjusted to cycling everyday, so much so that if we have a short day, like we had today – I get a bit restless. In terms of how we’re all getting on, as much as we all are enjoying the trip, staying in a Motorhome, being away from home and loved ones, not having much privacy and being in each other’s pockets all day long – is taking its toll on us. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I think we all need a bit of a break, which is on its way in the form of Pat and Gavin coming to visit us this weekendWe woke up to the usual, pouring down rain so we took our time to get ready. As we were staying on a campsite (Dinarth Hall) it was great to use their facilities, instead of getting showered in a 2 ft wide shower. It also gave us the opportunity to do all of the laundry that had been piling up.

We got ourselves ready in to our wet weather gear around 9:30am, with the usual piece of flapjack, banana and two water bottles to take with us over the morning ride. Whilst unlocking the bikes it started to shower slightly but we set off nonetheless as the Met Office ‘promised’ it would only be light showers.

From the campsite, we headed back to the sea front, on to the coastal cycle route 5. The wind had already picked up and it was pushing our average speed right down, before we had really got going. From Rhos-on-Sea we moved along Route 5 to the outskirts of Llandudno where we struggled to find the signs that marked the route. It seemed that the path was not as well kept as yesterday’s section with the sand dunes being blown over the track meaning Dad and I had to walk our bikes so we didn’t wheel spin and fall off.

We plodded on, managing to get back on our bikes properly as we headed south on the A546. Just before crossing the bridge to Conwy we re-joined cycle route 5, it meant we had an unobstructed view across the river mouth to the beautiful Conwy Castle. When we got to the other side, the cycle route ended abruptly but all was ok because we were back on my Garmin route.

Tracking the A55 along the coast, we managed to stumble on the cycle route again, Rod told us that it went all the way to Bangor so we knew we would pick it up again at some point. We were incredibly glad we did because we really didn’t want to negotiate the busy A55, and there were some spectacular bits of cycle route to ensure we weren’t taken into tunnels to play chicken with the cars. There seemed to be a maze of bridges that took the cycle path up and away from the danger of the busy dual carriageway – I was incredibly impressed by the work that had been done for cyclists, wish it could be like that all the way round the coast.

We kept cycling along route 5 until Llanfairfechan where the weather decided to take a turn for the worse. Dad and I sheltered under a pub’s balcony for about half an hour to see whether the rain would subside… it didn’t. We made the decision to find a café to give it another hour or so, hoping the clouds would clear… they didn’t. It was then we decided to call the motorhome to back track.  They were about 17 miles away, on the Isle of Anglesey so they took a while to get back, but we weren’t in any rusg

When we were re-united with Mum and Harry, they regaled us with how they nearly got stuck on the Menai Bridge (too narrow) and the fact that they’d stopped about a metre short of another bridge that was a foot lower than the motorhome – it sounded like they’d had a bit of a tough morning.

We decided to have lunch whilst we were stopped; it felt strange eating after only doing 17 miles. It worries me what I am going to be like when I get home, all of the exercise I am going to need to do to keep sane! After about an hour the rain had backed off and we were starting to see blue skies, so we set off at 3:30pm, back on Route 5 to Bangor!

As we got to the outskirts of Bangor, Route 5 took an interesting turn and took us behind what looked like a walled garden, the gate was under a wee arch – it looked amazing (photo’s to follow). This was where we were treated to a part of the route that was secluded again, away from any traffic. We had about 2 miles of cycling through woodland before we popped out again, and this is where things went a bit Pete Tong and Dad buggared off his bike.

It’s never nice seeing someone fall off their bike, and I caught it out of the corner of my eye. Needless to say, I chucked my bike down and ran over to pick him up. I always worry on a ride like this that we will break our collarbone, or something else that will mean we can’t continue the ride. I’ve been really careful on this ride, specially since I blew my back wheel before I left for the trip – put the fear of god in me. He had a couple of scratches, but other than that he was fine and it wasn’t long before we were crossing the Menai Bridge onto Anglesey.

When we got onto Anglesey, we took the A5025 all the way up to just past Bull Bay for our evening’s rest stop (read ‘lay-by’). This was probably the most un-enjoyable part of the day for me, horrific drivers all racing home from work, not one of them giving us the designated cars width overtaking space.

It was clearing up as we were about 10 miles from the motorhome but the wind was picking up. We hunkered down and plugged away, meeting them just past Bull Bay.

Dinner was Spag Bol, Harry did us proud, with smoked pancetta included (I’ll give Mum her credit – that was her idea) but the whole meal was delicious, even Jasper got some pasta!

It had been a draining day for all, so we washed up, packed up and went to bed at about 10:00pm ready to see what the weather had in store for us tomorrow!

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