2013 – New Year, new job, Kirsty the ladies ‘spokes’ woman!

As someone who has worked, in some way shape or form since they were 15-years-old, it has been incredibly difficult starting the New Year with out a job. Even though the decision was solely mine – I’m finding it difficult not being around people on a daily basis, engaging with folk, using my brain, organising, multi-tasking and the usual frolics that come about from working.

Most sane people are complaining about coming out of the holidays and being thrown back in to work, I for one am genuinely jealous of these people. I crave work, my other half would say hard-working is in my blood, I love that feeling of security on waking, knowing what you’re going to be doing for the next 8-hours of the day, getting suited and booted, the routine, the mental stimulation, communicating with people, pushing myself, the list could go on…

As 2012 was such a big year for me, completion of my biggest work project to date, wedding proposal, London to Paris, deciding on a career change, quitting my job, my coastal ride – I’m trying to carry that momentum through. I’ve been told that making significant changes in your life takes time, determination and motivation all of which I have bucket loads of, but without a clear path even the strongest willed person can lose focus. To create a bit of direction, I’ve decided to take the knowledge I’ve collected of the cycling world over the years and pass the nuggets on to any females that care to listen!

I’m not claiming to be a pro road-racing cyclist or a fully qualified mechanic, but what I can stake a claim in, is the pure adoration I have for the physical act of cycling.
The joy and mental clarity it brings, being out in the open air with the road unfurling in front of you, the satisfaction of traveling vast distances under your own steam, for me – nothing can beat it!

Although, I learnt to cycle as soon as I could walk I really became an active cyclist around 10-years-old when my Dad, my brothers and I set off on the Coast-to-Coast. Unfortunately, the only memories I can muster are of me, whining and moaning the whole ride… Sorry Dad! It obviously didn’t affect me too much as I caught the cycling bug!

With all that cycling comes experiences, knowledge and skills that I would love to share with my female cycling companions. Although the Olympics raised the profile of female cycling, with more information than ever before being available about how to start cycling – it can’t harm adding in my two-penneth. The more females writing about cycling, the more the industry will sit up and take pride in the products and services they provide for us ladies!

If there are any topics you would like me to cover, any niggles you have let me know and I will try and help.

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