Turbo Training Rituals.

After hearing that winter was set to return this weekend, cheers Carol – I’ve just set-up my bike on the turbo trainer. Before im accused of being a fair-weather cyclist I was out this morning and ride in all weathers but life has been busy the past couple of months and an hour here and there on the TT helps no-end.

I have an incredibly set way of training on my TT and was wondering what rituals other cyclists incorporate into their sessions! Little things that if not right, make you lose focus and put you off your training.

The first for me is that the area I’m training in has to be tidy. Not because I’m a clean freak, but because anything left out just reminds me of the chores I’ve got to do when I get out of the saddle.

My dining room has wooden floors so I struggled with noise and slippage, grabbing a rug from the bedroom seemed to do the trick, I now just sound like a prop plane instead of a jumbo jet taking off.

Other little things include, facing the bike towards my mirror – not for vanity reasons but when I get tired I tend to slump over my bars. Having a constant reminder reflecting back from the mirror sorted that out.

I started out turbo training to music, this got quite monotonous and not as motivating as I thought it would be, so judge me if you will but I now watch re-runs of House on my iphone that I zip-tie to my stem. The hour long episodes help to whittle away the time, and I never stop until the credits roll. On top of that I always have my in-ear headphones in, so I don’t get distracted and can ignore the world/postman/neighbours knocking on the door mid session.

Even in the coldest of winters, I open the front and back door to create a through draft. We have halogen lights in our dining room that emit the power of a thousand suns, so ventilation is a must have otherwise I overheat and the resulting sweaty mess is unbearable.

Clothing is kept to a minimum, bib shorts and sports bra, anything more and I struggle. I wear my old faithful Descente bibs, even though they are thread bare in the wrong place I can get away with it because im inside, alone, not offending anyone!

I’m always intrigued to hear other cyclists set-ups. My Dad for example has his set-up in the garage, with all of his spare bikes/parts hung around him and photo’s of the family.

Anyone care to share?

2 thoughts on “Turbo Training Rituals.

  1. I used to ride rollers out in the garage early in the morning before work. I had a little portable b/w TV and could watch reruns of The Saint (with Roger Moore). I got some earphones I could plug into the TV so I could hear over the noise of the rollers without disturbing the neighbors, but I found that the rollers built up static electric charge that grounded through the earphone cord to the TV, resulting in me getting intermittent electric jolts in the ears.

  2. After making a come back, so to speak after nearly twenty years, I set mine up in front of the computer, there are plenty of cycling related videos, including turbo sessions to watch. I find I work harder watching these then say watching a film 🙂

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